Today's Harness Racing

Perth Trots

The Perth Trots form part of the harness racing season that is separated into two classifications, trotting and pacing.

The Perth Trots are held every Friday night at Gloucester Park track and was in fact the stage for the very first Inter Dominion Championship. The pinnacle of the harness racing season and not an exclusive Perth Trot, it is something that the Perth Trots are synonymous for and that is high quality races that are contested from the opening bell and right down the home straight.

The Perth Trots have been around since the 1930’s when the current ground of Gloucester Park was reclaimed from the swampland that had taken it over.

Horses that compete in the Perth Trots and other such events can also compete in the pacing events also offered up by the Harness season, while it is not allowed to work the other way. With pacing horses being tied to the one category.

Gloucester Park

Home of the Perth Trots and the Western Australian Trotting Association ?ormed in 1910 ?for over 70 years. Gloucester Park comes alive every Friday night with fun and action for the entire family.

The Perth Trots are not just limited however to the Friday night festivities, with over the course of the long harness racing season 40 afternoon and twilight events being staged.

Housing the standard oval track measuring 805.40-meters, the action at Gloucester Park is always intense, and with the home straight stretching for 143m, the final sprit of any Perth Trots meeting is guaranteed to produce excitement.

Many of harness racings greatest horses have made their name at this ground including Koala King, Black Irish and Our Sir Vancelot.

A night out at Gloucester Park for the Perth Trots consists of 9 races, contested from both rolling and stationary starts, and at only 3 kilometers from the central business district, the Perth Trots are easily accessibly by everybody.

The Perth Trots are generally competed for over distances ranging from 1730m through 2130m and up to 2536m for mobile starts, while the standing starts are held over 2096m, 2503m and 2902m. No matter what style of race you prefer, the frantic nature of the sprints or the stamina needed for the longer hauls, the Perth Trots have something for everyone, and with the season running continually for all but two weeks of the year it is understandably why it draws such great crowds.

Inter Dominion Championship.

While not explicitly part of the Perth Trots, this competition that held for its inaugural meeting at Gloucester Park in 1936 certainly helped to make Perth the home of harness racing in Australia.

The championship is rotated between all 6 competing territories, and also both islands of New Zealand.

A two week championship, unlike the 9 race evenings of the Perth Trots, the final is decided after three heats during the first week, a short distance sprint of around 1700-meters, followed by a middle distance race of circa 2200-meters and a final long distance pace event of over 2400-Meters. The final is generally held the following week and is contested over a long distance which can be anything over 2400-meters.


The city of Perth is so ostracized from Australia’s eastern states, it not only has to make a name for itself and offer something to keep the punters coming trackside, it means that it is a city that has felt the impact of online betting the most. The sudden rise in the accessibility of the Perth Trots to the general population of Eastern Australia means that the Perth Trots no longer have to stand-alone.

The surge in popularity surrounding online betting has only served to highlight the great event that is the Perth Trots, and while the Perth Trots are well established in the eyes of the local residents, it is only now beginning to grab the attention is deserves across the whole of Australia.

Out of the 600 online bookmakers serving Australia, a quick search will find an abundance that deal in the Perth Trots and while the quality of race stays as high as it is, the advertising that the online betting community gives the event will only continue to grow.

The long season that is the Perth Trots means that there are so many meetings, it is not possible for people to attend them all, and this is where the options for online betting come into their own. Racing only halts for the first two weeks of November, and it surely comes as a welcome respite for the increasingly popular online wager shops.